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Lorsiv Technologies Inc, is a well-established organization that has made a mark in Software Development, and Consulting in a short span of time.



LORSIV Technologies Inc.

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Quality people make a quality process and quality process make a quality company. At Lorsiv Technologies people will undergo the required quality training and by understanding its importance to imply on its products and services



LORSIV Technologies Inc.

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Strategic relationship has always been a force to reckon with in today's business. In the field of I.T partners are there for progress.



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At Lorsiv Technologies, we believe that the foundation of a quality company is its people. That's why we are committed to fostering a workforce that embodies excellence at every level. Our team members undergo comprehensive quality training, ensuring they not only understand the importance of our standards but also apply these principles to our products and services effectively.

Each employee at Lorsiv Technologies plays a pivotal role, contributing uniquely to our core values of quality and creativity. We pride ourselves on being a collective of exceptional individuals, each bringing their distinct strengths to the table. At Lorsiv, we are more than just a team; we are quality people dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

Quality people

Quality people shape our processes, and these processes define our company.

Partners for progress

Strategic relationships are fundamental to our success, providing a crucial pathway for continual growth and innovation across various industries.

Mission and vision

At Lorsiv Technologies, our commitment is to consistently deliver quality products and services. We achieve this through rigorous adherence to quality benchmarks, ensuring we maintain our pace in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Innovation at its Best

At Lorsiv Technologies, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Driven by a relentless pursuit to advance the field of IT, we continuously adapt to the evolving technological landscape. Our team stays ahead of industry trends, ensuring we meet the ever-changing demands and opportunities presented by new technology frontiers. We don't just keep pace with innovation; we set the rhythm.

About Us

About Our Company



Lorsiv Technologies Inc. is a dynamic force in software development and consulting, quickly establishing a significant presence within the industry. Our strategic geographical location complements our mission to offer effective, cost-efficient solutions tailored to the specific business needs of our clients.

We offer a range of services designed to enhance your existing team. Whether you need additional engineering expertise, assistance during a particular phase of a project, or complete project management from inception to completion, our commitment is to address the technological needs of both large and small enterprises effectively.

Our approach is focused and quality-driven, ensuring that the solutions we deliver meet the precise needs of end-users. With extensive experience across various industries and business domains, we bring a wealth of knowledge and a competitive edge to every project, setting us apart in the field of IT solutions.

Our Services

Designed For Provision Of The Best Services


Lorsiv consulting division focuses on defining, optimizing and aligning our clients business and IT strategies


In our Contract-to-Hire Services, clients utilize the candidate as a Contractor/Consultant through our organization for a desired period of time.


For long-term, non-permanent staffing needs, we offer our Staff Out-Sourcing Service. In this scenario, the employees work exclusively for a client as if they were that client's employees.


At Lorsiv Technologies, we specialize in developing custom applications that are tailored to meet specific client needs, using the latest technologies to ensure scalability, security, and efficiency.

Our Work Is Dedicated

Imagination is our power

Precise And Impartial Approach

  • At Lorsiv Technologies, we are committed to delivering consistent, cost-effective, and high-quality services. Trust us to provide a robust, flexible, scalable, and dependable framework, meticulously tailored to meet your specifications.

We Know How To Protect Your Interests

  • At Lorsiv Technologies, we specialize in delivering integrated and custom solutions with a steadfast commitment to exceptional customer service. We offer outstanding consultancy services tailored to meet the career aspirations of our candidates and the recruitment needs of our clients. Moreover, we are adept at safeguarding your interests, ensuring optimal outcomes for all parties involved.

Our Customers Are Our Priority

  • Our mission at Lorsiv Technologies is to provide excellent job opportunities and deliver efficient and effective recruitment solutions to our clients. We offer comprehensive recruitment services for both job seekers and employers, focusing on professionalism throughout our process. We take pride in offering personal attention to our customers at all times, ensuring their needs are met with the utmost care and precision.