About Us


Lorsiv Technologies Inc, is a well-established organization that has made a mark in Software Development, and Consulting in a short span of time. We are uniquely positioned - geographically and strategically to help organizations achieve their business goals through effective and cost efficient solutions for their Business needs. We are providing experienced engineers to compliment your staff, assisting with a specific project phase, or managing an entire project from start to end, we are dedicated to meeting the technological challenges of businesses large and small. We have focused approach which is targeted to meet the requirements of end users and is quality-centric. After having worked with varied vertical and Business lines, we have gained expertise in various Business Domains that have given us an edge over others.


In a highly competitive environment, Lorsiv Technologies Inc distinguishes itself by providing the following advantages

  • Our U.S. based project managers ensure, that the risks associated with offshore outsourcing are minimized, and accountability is increased. You don't have to worry about issues like cultural differences, time difference, communication gaps etc.
  • By employing world-class software resources in India, we ensure for you high quality solutions along with significant savings.
  • By partnering with us for your IT needs, you can better devote resources to your core business.
  • We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients.


Lorsiv Technologies Inc. has established its roots in delivering quality solutions by employing the best engineers in India. We bring in economic value by employing highly skilled, but inexpensive resources that ensure high accountability at minimal risk. We bring in local consultants with domain expertise to better understand the business and ensure seamless communication with our Indian development center. It helps in reducing our client’s risks associated with offshore engagements. Our “Global Consulting” approach ensures that our work force is globally trained, and our clients enjoy the benefits of the low cost services, low risk engagements and world-class quality solutions. The ability to convert our client’s vision into a cost effective and efficient business solution is our distinct selling point.


Lorsiv Technologies Inc is an employee owned company. Our people are our assets. We believe in bringing diverse and highly qualified individuals on board to ensure a work culture that fosters personal growth through internal mentorship program. Our people bring years of software development experience, domain expertise and a desire to help you succeed in your business goal. We nurture a company culture of helping our clients beyond expectations even if we have to go that extra mile. Our organization Values revolve around customer satisfaction, quality delivery, privacy protection, integrity and equal opportunity rights. We have engineering staff with degrees from IIT’s and Regional Engineering Colleges in India. Our project managers have diverse knowledge and experience of working in the US.

Lorsiv Technologies is an I.T/software development/Consulting company. It has spearheaded overall I.T products, which cater to user industry, small scale, medium scale enterprises and other businesses. Lorsiv Technologies is a fast growing company diversifying in various facets of I.T arena.


At Lorsiv Technologies, innovation always seems to be a hunger to keep the rhythm of I.T moving by understanding the changing times and needs in new technology frontiers. Lorsiv also creating a new platform for maximum usage of facilities for overall research for new products and services. Hence innovation always played a vital role in its road Map to reach I.T summit in this competitive world.


At Lorsiv quality has always been a tradition in its assessment of various processes or products that goes through the rigorous tools of quality test laid down by world standards in I.T. Lorsiv also vying for that coveted quality mark of ISO 9001 in near future. Lorsiv is also working to create a new frame work in its in house development center suitable for its various processes to achieve a satisfied quality benchmark in all of its services. Lorsiv technologies are inching towards quality moves.


Strategic relationship has always been a force to reckon with in today’s business. In the field of I.T partners are there for progress. Lorsiv technologies have strategic partners, to name a few.


Quality people make a quality process and quality process make a quality company. At Lorsiv Technologies people will undergo the required quality training and by understanding its importance to imply on its products and services. Each employee makes a difference in his core contribution in quality and creativity. However ever people who work for Lorsiv can be best termed as quality people.


Lorsiv Technologies saga is to keep a pace to its movement of creating quality products and services by maximum utilization of quality as one of the benchmarking. Its mission envisages as creating a “competitive edge through quality and partnerships”.


The purpose of Quality management process is to ensure that quality of the project is maintained and we are working in the right direction to meet our clientsl requirements. This is done by proper documentations like knowledge transfer documentation, business requirement documentation, process documentation, change documentation and tools like Bug tracking, Issue tracking and tool like Online Project Management System.


Early in the life cycle of Software development, all risks associated with the project are identified, categorized and prioritized. Risks like technology failure, low user acceptance level, application failure, attrition of staff and non availability of required skills are potential problem areas that can adversely affect the success of the project. Proper mitigation plans are formulated and integrated with the SDLC cycle.


We understand that during the course of the project, the requirements of the project can change. Changing requirements can increase cost as well as have an impact on schedule. We work very hard to ensure that the changes in the requirements have minimal impact on the project. We make sure that the client is involved in the entire life cycle of the project through effective and regular communication. Also, in place of waterfall approach, we adopt spiral progressive approach. Flexibility in the structure of the project is ensured by adopting RUP, Extreme Programming and Agile methodologies and UML modeling.


We, at Lorsiv Technologies Inc understand that success of any project depends on the quality of communication between the client and the development team. We deliver projects using RUP, Extreme Programming and Agile methodologies; these methodologies ensure that regular communication is established with the client and we can incorporate clients’ feedbacks on an ongoing basis. In addition, for projects with onshore-offshore delivery model, face to face communication between the client and the onshore team helps in building trust. Here, onshore team regularly communicates with the offshore team to seamlessly transfer the business requirements to the development team. We use web meetings (web-ex, net meeting), instant messaging, e-mails, regular phone calls, phone calls via VOIP and video conferencing to ensure smooth communication. Our team overlaps time with the US work hours depending on their responsibilities; thereby ensuring that global time zone difference does not impact the project.