About Us


Lorsiv Technologies Inc. is a dynamic force in software development and consulting, quickly establishing a significant presence within the industry. Our strategic geographical location complements our mission to offer effective, cost-efficient solutions tailored to the specific business needs of our clients.

We offer a range of services designed to enhance your existing team. Whether you need additional engineering expertise, assistance during a particular phase of a project, or complete project management from inception to completion, our commitment is to address the technological needs of both large and small enterprises effectively.

Our approach is focused and quality-driven, ensuring that the solutions we deliver meet the precise needs of end-users. With extensive experience across various industries and business domains, we bring a wealth of knowledge and a competitive edge to every project, setting us apart in the field of IT solutions.


In the highly competitive field of technology, Lorsiv Technologies Inc. stands out by offering distinct advantages:

Our U.S.-based project managers minimize the risks associated with offshore outsourcing, enhancing accountability and mitigating issues such as cultural differences, time zone discrepancies, and communication gaps.
We employ world-class software resources in India to deliver high-quality solutions while also achieving significant cost savings for you.
By partnering with us for your IT needs, you can allocate more resources to your core business activities, optimizing both efficiency and effectiveness.
We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients, ensuring sustained success and ongoing support.


Company Overview


Lorsiv Technologies Inc. is a distinguished provider of quality IT solutions, leveraging India’s top engineering talent to deliver cost-effective and accountable services. We enhance economic value by utilizing skilled yet affordable resources and facilitate seamless communication through local consultants with deep domain expertise. Our Global Consulting approach not only reduces offshore risks but also ensures our workforce is globally competent, enabling clients to enjoy low-cost, low-risk, high-quality services. We excel in transforming client visions into efficient, cost-effective business solutions.


As an employee-owned company, our people are our greatest asset. Lorsiv Technologies fosters a diverse and qualified team that thrives in a culture of growth, mentorship, and commitment to client success. Our engineers, many of whom are alumni of India’s prestigious IITs and Regional Engineering Colleges, alongside experienced project managers from the US, embody our dedication to customer satisfaction, privacy protection, and quality delivery.

Innovation at Its Best:

Innovation is a continuous pursuit at Lorsiv Technologies, aimed at advancing IT by aligning with the dynamic needs of the technology frontier. Our commitment to research and development paves the way for groundbreaking products and services, ensuring our place at the forefront of IT innovation.

Creating Quality Moves:

Quality is a tradition at Lorsiv, with each process and product undergoing stringent testing to meet international IT standards. We are on track to achieve ISO 9001 certification and are continuously developing frameworks to set new benchmarks in quality across all services.

Partners for Progress:

Strategic relationships are key in today’s IT landscape, and Lorsiv Technologies thrives on partnerships that foster progress. We collaborate closely with industry leaders to drive innovation and solutions.

Quality People:

At Lorsiv Technologies, quality people create quality processes that, in turn, build a quality company. Our team undergoes rigorous quality training to ensure they embody the excellence we promise in our products and services.

Mission and Vision:

Our mission is to maintain the pace of creating top-tier products and services by adhering to stringent quality benchmarks. We aim to create a competitive edge through quality and strategic partnerships.

Core Operations

Quality Management:

Our quality management process is integral to maintaining project integrity, achieved through comprehensive documentation and robust tools like Bug and Issue tracking, alongside an Online Project Management System to meet our clients’ exact needs.

Risk Management:

Identifying, categorizing, and prioritizing potential risks early in the software development lifecycle is critical. We devise thorough mitigation plans integrated within the SDLC to ensure project success.

Change Management:

We recognize that project requirements can evolve, and we are committed to managing these changes with minimal impact on project scope, cost, and timeline. By involving clients throughout the project lifecycle and employing flexible methodologies like RUP, Extreme Programming, and Agile, we adapt efficiently to changing needs.


Effective communication is the cornerstone of our project delivery success. Utilizing advanced communication tools and methodologies, we ensure continuous interaction between our onshore and offshore teams and our clients, facilitating clear and consistent exchanges across global time zones.


Lorsiv Technologies Inc. not only anticipates the challenges of the modern IT environment but actively shapes solutions that propel our clients towards their business objectives, making us a leader in technology innovation and client service.